Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Jungle, we are committed to improvements and delivery of better products and services to our customers and stakeholders.  When you provide personal information to us, you agree that we may collect, store, use and disclose that personal information when in accordance with the law, terms, this Privacy Policy or as otherwise required for our operational convenience.

This policy explains the information we collect which is considered personal information, how we will collect personal information, how we use your information, when your information can be provided to Third Parties and how to contact us.

This policy may be updated from time to time by us publishing an update on our website. Any changes commence upon publication of those changes on the website.

Your conduct in interacting with us or your providing any information to us, you agree we can use any such information in accordance with the Terms, this Policy, or both.

What is personal information?

Personal information generally is information which can identify you. Personal information includes without limitation:

  1. Names, dates of birth, usernames, passwords, addresses, phone numbers, identity documents or other information or documents which can be used to identify a person
  2. Information about any orders, meta data or other information collected including your interests, reviews, opinions, interests, usage of the Platform, usage of infrastructure associated with the Platform or other similar information
  3. Financial or credit information
  4. Information or documents related to your contracts, employment, supply, commissions, remuneration or benefits
  5. information about your health, race, ethnicity, political views, criminal history, or biometric information (e.g., voiceprint or fingerprint)
  6. your family, friends, business associates, affiliates, or other persons you might engage with
  7. Other information, documents, images, location data or data which might be able to be used to identify you

How is your personal information collected?

Your personal information is collected through three main channels.  These include information you provide to us, information provided to us by Third Parties and information gathered during your use of the Platform and any associated applications or infrastructure.

How can your personal information be used?

Generally, we will use your information for the typical needs for the Platforms effective use and functionality.  Specifically, that includes:

  1. Purposes needed for providing goods and services to you or others you engage with on the Platform or associated applications and infrastructure
  2. Using your information to improve our products and services
  3. Use of personal information to verify your identity
  4. Conducting investigations or other purposes arising from any Terms or Policies
  5. Debt recovery
  6. Marketing and business development activities
  7. Activities which necessitate working with third parties and provision of your information to those third parties associated with our normal business operations.  Examples include without limitation, verification of your identity when related apps are used, information required by merchant facilities and third party offers and promotions and social media
  8. Analysing your online behaviours, interests and activities for our business purposes
  9. Activities associated with reviews or other Content you provide
  10. Enhancing data we have about you including data to or from third parties
  11. Advertising and direct marketing
  12. Otherwise for a purpose under our Terms, Policies or Standards or as otherwise permitted by Law.

Using Personal Information with third parties

In an ever-connected world, we work with third party providers to provide the most seamless provision goods and services. To carry out our normal business functions, your information is provided to those third parties.  Examples of where your information is provided to third parties includes:

  1. Shipping companies, freight forwarders, Customers, Vendors and Consumers
  2. Support and third parties who we might outsource some of our business functions to
  3. Our contractors, agents and representatives, including for example, lawyers, accountants, analytic companies, advertising companies and third party software which we might use
  4. Third parties who control or have access to applications, technology or other platforms which are used or integrated with our platform or products and services, including social media, inventory applications, merchant facilities and so on
  5. Disclosure of information relating to fraud or breaches of our Terms of Policies
  6. Companies that are related to or affiliated with Us
  7. Other purposes which are reasonably required for our day-to-day business operations and compliance with our Terms, Policies or other legal obligations

How to contact us?

If you have any questions or concerns about our collection, handling or use of your Personal Information, please lodge your complaint at