Returned Merchandise and Refund Policy

Returned merchandise and refund policy

Any disputes relating to any goods or services ordered on the Website, is a matter between the relevant Customer and Vendor.

Where a product is defective, the Vendor will pay for return shipping if product has been sourced from another city or town in which the Customer lives. The Customer will need to deliver the defective item to the local Jungle logistics agent. The Customer will be required to provide sufficient proof that the product is defective (photo evidence).

Where a product is damaged, Jungle Online Marketplace will provide assistance in determining whether the product was damaged before dispatch or after dispatch to the Courier. if it is proven to be damaged after dispatch, the Vendor is not liable to replace, refund or credit the product. Jungle Online Marketplace will liaise with the Logistics Provider and provide a discount, refund or credit to the Customer.

If for any other reason the Customer wishes to return a product (e.g., you selected the wrong item or just want to return it), you will need to pay for the shipping and this is at the discretion of the Vendor.

A Vendor will have in place processes and procedures to receive, manage, record details in a centralised place and respond to complaints, refunds and claims under warranties or otherwise. Jungle Online Marketplace also has a returns management system for the Vendor to use.

A Vendor will report to Us upon request, details of any dispute, warranty claims, complaint or other transaction if and when requested by Us.

Vendors must ensure that they comply with the Vendor Warranty in receiving, responding to and addressing complaints, claims, warranty claims, refund requests and other lawful requirements relating to the Vendor and its activities.

Where the Vendor does not comply with the Vendor Warranty, then it will ensure either a full refund is given to the Customer; a replacement of the goods is provides; or another fair and reasonable outcome is achieved for the Customer.

All complaints and refund requests must be responded to within a reasonable time.

No refunds or repayments of the Jungle Fees will be provided under any circumstances, except in the case of charges being not in accordance with the Fees and Charges.