Shipping Policy

This policy applies to an Order made in Jungle where the Consumer asks for the item to be either shipped or supplied via Click and Collect.

Pick up from Store

Consumers may choose to buy goods and collect them directly from a Vendor (Pick up from Store).

The Vendor must keep appropriate records to verify that it has supplied the goods to the Consumer and that supply complies with all applicable laws, meet the represented quantity, quality, condition, description and standard (including any implied standards) at the time of supply.  The Vendor must supply these records to Jungle upon request.

Vendors must not offer or provide any incentive to Consumers to buy items from the Vendor in a manner which avoids paying fees that would otherwise be payable to Jungle.


Consumers may, upon paying all fees and charges, request that items be delivered to an Eligible Location.  Consumers must:

  1. Complete all forms and fields on Jungle to complete the Order
  2. Pay all fees, charges and costs associated with the Order
  3. Provide a delivery address in an Eligible Location that the goods are to be delivered to
  4. Provide contact details and information of the Consumer and recipient of the goods
  5. If the Consumer enters an ineligible address, the Consumer will be notified via email of the nearest forwarding agent location and address to pick up their order
  6. Comply with all terms and conditions including our Community Standards.

Eligible locations for delivery

Goods can be shipped to an Eligible Location. Eligible locations are locations where we have published on the Platform, delivery is available for.

Eligible locations are towns/cities in PNG where there is a commercial domestic airport being Port Moresby, Lae, Madang, Wewak, Vanimo, Manus, Kimbe, Kokopo/Rabaul, Kavieng, Lihir, Simberi, Buka, Kieta, Hagen, Goroka, Mendi, Tari, Kiunga, Tabubil, Daru, Popondetta, Alotau, Komo, Wapanamenda.

Eligible locations also currently include several towns without airports but a seaport being Namatanai, Pomio and Kandrian only.

Consumers must provide an address which is a Registered or Business Address for delivery in an Eligible Location at the time of the Order. 

Where Consumers require delivery to not an Eligible Location, delivery will be made to the closest Forwarding Agent Depot and the Consumer is responsible for organising and paying for freight, shipping or collection from that Depot to their delivery address.

Dispatch and delays

The Vendor is responsible for dispatching available items after purchase as soon as is reasonably practicable.

Where items are not available, but an order is accepted by the Vendor, the Vendor is responsible for dispatching the item within 1 month of the date of order. Where there is an unreasonable delay, the Consumer is entitled to a refund excluding any merchant fees and our fees which is retained by Us.

However, if the Vendor gave reasonable notice in the advertisement for the item of a delay in supply greater than a month, the Vendor must supply the goods within the advertised timeframe. Vendors must keep records to verify that the Consumer has agreed to the changed dispatch timeframe.

Delivery to forwarder

Vendors must dispatch the item to the forwarder and cause it to be delivered to the Correct Delivery Location by putting correct labels on the item packaging. 

Jungle must keep records of tracking numbers and provide the tracking numbers to the Customer.

Verification of delivery

The Vendor must verify delivery has occurred to the freight forwarding agent or Depot via signed and/or photographic evidence.

The Vendor must keep appropriate records to verify the supplied goods comply with all applicable laws for the supply, meet the represented quantity, quality, condition, description and standard (including any implied standards) at the time of dispatch.  The Vendor must supply these records to Jungle upon request.

Incorrect shipping charge

Where there is a material discrepancy between the shipping costs charged the Customer and the actual shipping costs, this must be reported to Jungle within 48 hours.

Where there was an undercharge of shipping costs due to an error of:

  1. the Vendor, the Vendor must reimburse us the losses we suffered as a debt due and payable; or
  2. us, then we are responsible for the costs.

Shipping and freight on refunds and warranty claims

Subject to the terms of supply between the Vendor and Consumer, where there is a claim under a warranty or replacement, the Vendor must pay for any additional costs associated with the warranty and other actions arising from the claim(s).