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What is Jungle?

The jungle is an online marketplace provided for businesses to list their products within Papua New Guinea (PNG). PNG is currently undergoing a digital revolution and E-Commerce is a vital aspect of it. Our vision at Jungle is to enable the widespread distribution of products to business and the public of PNG at cost-effective prices. With our optimised site, Jungle offers customers round the clock, convenient method to order products for your business or for you personally from the safety of your establishment or home. In the future, we hope to be able to provide in demand products to the remotest places in this ‘land of the unexpected’.

Why shop at Jungle?

• We are the most convenient place to shop in PNG. All products in one place, no need to take up too much of your time or your employees time, driving around to shops for quotes and purchasing. Have your items delivered if your address qualifies or pick up from local warehouse location.
Trusted vendors and honest dealings. Our vendor screening process is strict to ensure only legal entities with a great track record of serving customers are on Jungle. The shops see on Jungle are the shops you know.
Safe and Secure Payments. No need to carry cash around. Our safe and secure payments are fully tracked utilising existing payment gateways of existing PNG Banks
Customer Satisfaction. We are in the business of ensuring our customers are satisfied with the service that Jungle and our vendors offer. We will aim to list quality products, with fast shipping and excellent customer service.
We know PNG. Jungle knows PNG. While it may be the ‘land of the unexpected’ we thrive on ensuring our service will benefit Papua New Guinean People and Businesses and contribute to the growth of the Nation.

‘PNGs Online Marketplace. Jungle is built for PNG companies and people to benefit from.’

How do I use Jungle?

You can either shop by setting up an account or without your account. Either select a category, product or location and select the items you would like to purchase (including quantities and any other attributes). Once selected, you can place them in your shopping cart, enter your shipping details (country and province) and click 'go to checkout'. At the checkout page, enter your shipping/billing details and click on either pick up from store or shipping. Please note you need to have a valid email address so we can send your order details to you. Once you have completed your details, go to payments and you can pay either by a valid card or by internet banking transfer. You will be sent an order conformation and Jungle will be in contact with details of when your purchase will be ready. 

Where is my order sent from?

Your order is sent from the vendor you have purchased from. A global logistics provider is utilised to ensure your package is delivered promptly and safely. You can also track your shipment at any time with details provided to you by Jungle.

What is the return policy?

No returns are generally allowed after payment processing except if there is a fault or defect with the product. However, in the event that you would like to return an item for any other reason, it is up to the Vendor on whether they will accept a return and either provide a credit or a full refund. Generally if it is within seven days of receiving the product, the vendor will be willing to refund or credit the product if there is a valid reason for return.

Who pays for return shipping?

Where product is defective, the Vendor will pay for return shipping if product has been sourced from another city or town in which the Customer lives. The Customer will need to deliver the defective item to the local Jungle logistics agent. If for any other reason (you selected the wrong item or just want to return it), you will need to pay for the shipping.

What is the cancellation policy?

Once you have placed an order, you may be able to cancel if it has not yet been shipped. You must however contact the vendor immediately to arrange cancellation by quoting your order number. Please note a small cancellation fee will be applicable.

How long before I receive my order?

This is dependent on where you have ordered from, if you have ordered from a vendor within the same town/city, it may take only 24 hours, however where more complicated logistics are involved and if you have selected sea freight, it may take several weeks.

Can I track my order?

Yes, you can track your order. For airfreight with DHL or other global logistics providers (such as TNT) you will be able to track your order electronically. For seafreight or local deliveries, please contact Jungle on and will provide you with a prompt update. 

How can I pay for my item?

You can pay using a visa or mastercard from any bank (BSP, Westpac, Kina, international banks), a Kina Bank card or by internet banking transfer. But guess what, more payment methods are coming soon with BSP Kundui Card. 

Missing items from order?

If you are missing items from your order, please contact Jungle Support at and we will assist you in resolving the issue with the vendor and the shipper.